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Asset managment

increase capacity, efficiency and safety

Com&Sens provides online fiber optic load monitoring data, to allow asset owners or construction firms to verify design parameters, to monitor the structural integrity or operational condition of their infrastructure.

It will permit owners and operators to get more out of their asset, increasing capacity, efficiency, safety and to plan maintenance actions in a cost-effective manner.

Com&Sens helps you to move towards performance-based design and shift from time-based to condition-based maintenance.

We collect and deliver smart data for

  • Remote load monitoring
  • Real life Material behaviour
  • Condition Based Structural integrity
  • Events diagnostics and historical statistics
  • Information about non-accessible places after installation

What Adding value by sensing means to you :

  • Increase production uptime
  • Increase construction productivity
  • Reduce maintenance cost & downtime
  • Improve HSE by detecting Early Safety Risks
  • Automate early alerts of critical faults
  • Easier root cause analysis
  • Reduce Mean Time To Repair Extended life-time
  • Reduce TCO
  • Shift to predictive maintenance

Design validation

no more assumptions

FEA models rely on statistical assumptions to determine how a design will behave in a real-world environment, but reality often does not match the scenario assumed by models. Com&Sens has extensive experience in using fiber optic sensing to validate finite element modeling.

The flexibility of fiber optic cables, ease of installation, extended sensor network, real-time monitoring and ability to measure multiple parameters is the solution to the disadvantages of legacy technology like strain gauges and thermocouples.

Our services enable measurements information that has not been accurate available before, such as structural shape, and applied loads; structural and material properties, and potentially, fatigue life.

Advantages of optical sensing solutions :

  • Capture system-wide stress and strain (multiplexing capability)
  • Reduction of cabling
  • Resistance to corrosion
  • Resistance to electromagnetic interference (EMI)

What Adding value by sensing means to you :

  • Reliable & accurate load measurement data
  • Improved performance and reliability of materials and design
  • Risk reduction in product development and structural designs
  • Optimized prototype testing and measurements
  • Avoid trial and errors
  • Knowledge of in situ loads

Process control

in situ measurements of the process 

Optical-fibre sensors based on fibre Bragg gratings (FBGs) provide accurate, nonintrusive, and reliable remote measurements of temperature, strain, and pressure, are immune to electromagnetic interference and extended sensor network.

For industrial production monitoring, fibre optics performs measurements regardless of vibration, temperature and pressure extremes.

For the composites industry, our technology allows embedded measurements and as such monitoring of the process cure cycles.

Our sensors can be applied in composites :

  • Composite Process monitoring (Strain, Residual Strain, Temperature, Post-cure Effects…)
  • Strain mapping/¬†Load determination(Multi-plexed Sensing Network)
  • Mechanical Properties (Young’s Modulus, Poisson’s Ratio, Breaking Strength, Ultimate Strain, Shear modulus)
  • Thermal Properties (CTE, temperature)
  • Fatigue Effects (Stiffness Degradation, Permanent deformations, Damage initiation)

What Adding value by sensing means to you :

  • Increasing knowledge of the process
  • Adjusting process parameters
  • Linking the performance of composites to their production process
  • Real performance of a composite structure under load
  • Avoid trial and error

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