Com&Sens is the forerunner in robust optical fiber sensing implementation in structures.

Fibre Optic integration for Structural Health Monitoring

Com&Sens implements Fiber Optic Sensing concepts for Condition Based health monitoring of concrete, steel or composites structures based on Fibre Bragg Gratings technology.

We are your one-stop-shop from engineering, production, installation and commissioning of your fiber optics monitoring systems to provide load measurements, data analysis, interpretation and assessment.

We engineer, produce and integrate fiber optic sensors that fit the job!

Development Engineering Partner

Com&Sens team of experts as over 15 years experience in implementing fiber optic sensors to monitor composites, steel or concrete structures.

Com&Sens can act on different levels of your engineering needs:

  • Research and experimental mechanics,
  • Prototyping,
  • Technology partnership,
  • FEM Validation.

Com&Sens pursues a close collaboration with your engineering team to develop the best-performing and most cost-effective solution based on our robust sensor technology.

We develop customized composite based sensors for varying sensing applications.

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