Control your process,

Improve your design,

monitor your vessel integrity.

Com&Sens has extensive experience in co-winding Fiber Optics Sensors lines in filament winding processes.

The unique embedded Fiber Bragg grating Fiber Optic line allows vessels producers to monitor the winding process, to follow the degradation of the vessels during quality testings and to develop in-service condition monitoring of the vessels integrity.

  • Finetune your process
  • Validate your Finite Analysis parameters
  • Assess your prototypes and FAI
  • Secure your quality controls
  • Monitor your vessel integrity
  • Predict lifetime
Fibre Optics
  • Non Intrusive
  • Sense Multipoints (20 to 35 points with a single line)
  • Embedded
  • Accurate
  • Secure
  • Longlasting


Expand product design features

Evaluation and modelling of the behaviour of your pressure vessel already during winding. Control your winding parameters via co-winding of optical fibre sensor lines.

Improve your design by real data.

Use the sensors after winding during cyclic and burst testing to follow up the structural degradation of your vessel. Use the response of the sensors to validate your FE calculations.

Know your product integrity to enhance safe use

Monitor the condition of your product over its life cycle, to increase confidence and safety in your product.


Smart Pressure Vessels for Space

Feel free to contact us to discuss your needs and ideas in how Com&Sens can assist you in developing your future self sensing products.