Our robust sensing technology makes your structure 4.0

Com&Sens unique approach of Fiber Optic technology integration in asphalt or concrete structures enables the measurement of the settlement and deformation of rock and soil foundation during construction or during operations.

What we can help you achieve

Shift from time-based to condition-based maintenance

Structural infrastructure health monitoring

  • Strain measurement in asphalt pavements
  • Behavior analysis of pavement interfaces
  • Deformation of asphalt structures
  • Control on asphalt compaction
  • Cracks monitoring
  • Cross section measurements for pavement behavior monitoring
  • Heavy-duty pavements strain measurements
  • Validate pavements design
  • Thermal mapping

Real-time monitoring of health status of concrete or asphalt infrastructure

Com& Sens makes sense !

Measure pavement behavior during construction, in-service lifetime measurement of strain, temperature, and other physical perturbations, and the detection of damage or material degradation

Layers behavior understanding

Our embedding technology enables accurate strain distribution of the different layers of pavement


Fiber Optics Sensors in Asphalt Pavement

Monitoring Glooiing Nieuwpoort

Asphalt Monitoring

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