Com&Sens CORE field of expertise

Beams & Piles

Com&Sens developed a unique and cost-effective sensing concept for monitoring real-time loads on beams or tubular structures (piles and pipes).

This concept is applicable to almost any material (steel, concrete, GFRP, CFRP) and configuration (offshore, underground, on board, under construction, difficult to access, large,..)

Com&Sens provides complete integration of the Optical Fiber sensing system and delivers condition base load data of your structure.

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Composites Pressure Vessels


The concept of a self-sensing composite pressure vessel is very simple. Combine composite pressure vessel technology (filament winding wet/dry, AFTP,..)  and embedded sensing technology to monitor the actual condition of the vessel.

By integrating sensors, it is possible to learn exactly how the vessel behaves along its complete lifetime, to monitor the production process and to validate the design data. With one single FBG Fibre Optic line.

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Composites Structures

Com&Sens stands for Composites & Sensing. Our team has extensive experience in different composites production processes (pultrusion, infusion, prepreg, tape layering, RTM) and we can state that we are experts in embedding Fibre Optics into complex composites structures.

We understand the industry challenges and the importance of controlling your process (cure cycles, resin flows,..)  whilst expanding your design features.

Fibre Optics reduce the gap between simulation and reality!
Com&Sens makes your composites SMART !

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Asphalt & Concrete

Com&Sens industrialized a sensing system based on robust fibre optic sensor network for asphalt and/or concrete monitoring which is easy to install in any asphalt layer or concrete (foundation) to monitor the in-situ load and deformation of the asphalt and concrete layers.

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