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  • Bureau Veritas
  • Universiteit Gent
  • Parkwind
  • Lloyd’s Register
  • WMC
  • BAE Systems Naval Ships

2017 – 2020

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Enabling Qualification of Hybrid Structures for Lightweight and Safe Maritime Transport

The project aims to remove the technological and regulatory barriers that currently prevent the widespread application of hybrid structures (metal/composite) in the industry.

It will deliver the knowledge and the guidelines that the industry needs to pursue certification of adhesively bonded hybrid joints for primary structures in marine applications.

The objectives we set to tackle this aim are:

Objective 1: Evaluate the long term structural performance of the adhesively bonded hybrid joint under representative operational and environmental conditions;

Objective 2: Develop a reliable inspection and maintenance methodology for adhesively bonded hybrid joints;

Objective 3: Develop a procedure (Guidelines) for the qualification of adhesively bonded hybrid joints in primary structures in marine applications.

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