Krommenhoek, Nieuwpoort BELGIUM

  • Permanent monitoring with 4G router
  • Damage detection
  • Predictive maintenance

Monitoring Glooiing Nieuwpoort

During the renovation of the Krommehoek dike at the marina in Nieuwpoort, FBG fiber optic sensors were integrated in the construction of the concrete slope. This innovative sensor solution, developed by Com&Sens, measures early underground deformation and subsidence and serves as a permanent remote dike monitoring system.

The complete slope of the dike at Kromme Hoek with approximately 300 m length and 18 m depth (slope ~ 27 °) contains a sensor network based on optical fiber sensors (FBG measuring principle) that is integrated in the geotextile material. This innovative solution offers, among others, the possibility of integrating the sensors in/on the geotextile before installation on site. This thus smart geotextile is prepared for roll and is therefore easy to handle when installing on site.

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