Port of Antwerp




  • FBG Sensor architecture
  • FBG Sensor implementation on steel structure
  • Data acquisition
  • Monitoring reporting

Structural monitoring with FRP FO strain
gauges of a water lock

The main scope of the project is to monitor the loads acting on particular sections and zones of the steel structure of the lock gate to support the analysing of the impact of external sources on the gate movement.

The purpose of the measurements is to characterize the structural behaviour of the lock as function of external loadings such as wind, wave currents because of (heavy) propeller motions when ships are entering/exiting the water lock.

A sensing network containing several surface mounted fibre optic sensors, based on Fibre Bragg Grating (FBG) strips and UV-adhesive fixation technology is proposed.

Strain/stress will be monitored at pre-defined locations on the steel surface of the load carrying arms/supports near the top wheels (bogie), to capture the real-time response of the structure during opening and closing of the gate.

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