Tilburg, the Netherlands

  • Sensing architecture
  • Embedding of the sensor
  • Remote Data acquisition system
  • Long term static
  • Fatigue loading effects
  • Detection of events

World’ largest composites waterlock door monitoring using FBG fiber optic sensing

Composite Water lock Welhelminakanaal, Tilburg Nederland as a subcontractor of Heymans Civiel, commisioned by Rijkswaterstaat, Nederland. Composite waterlock doors were installed in Tilburg alongside the Welhelmina channel.

To measure creep effects and forces on the door, Com&Sens installed several measurement lines on one of the doors of the lower head.

The goal is a 10 year monitoring of the forces and creep on this door.

The installation was finalized in in 2016.

The goal is the project is to monitor the structural behavior of an innovative composites waterlock door.

Integrated sensors will monitor the behavior of an all-composite water lock which is going to be installed in the Wilhelmina canal in Tilburg, The Netherlands. This is one of the tallest composite water lock in the world and is produced by FiberCore Europe, the main contractor is Heijmans. Main advantages of composite water locks are that they are as light as water, so when submersed no extra force is acting on the hinges and they are durable, corrosion resistant and maintenance free.

The ‘smart’ water lock is foreseen of multiple FBG lines. Com&Sens is responsible for the integration of the sensor lines and the installation of the monitoring instrumentation.

Com&Sens embedded a optical fiber sensor network in the composites laminates.

Besides structural health monitoring, Com&Sens used the sensor network as a validation during Factory Load testings.

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