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2019 – 2022

Monitoring of offshore power cables and foundations by Distributed Fiber Optic Sensing

The BOPTIC project addresses needs of the offshore industry by reducing the OPEX cost of the BOP for offshore wind by the development of innovative monitoring technologies for the cables and foundations using emerging OPT sensing technologies. These solutions include  

  • For cable monitoring: burial depth measurementlifetime measurement/estimation of the XLPE (crosslinked polyethylene)freespan detectionstrain on the cablebending momentsfatigue measurement, partial dischargeimpact of anchors or trawling nets; 
  • For foundation monitoring: scour depth/soil integrity monitoring, continuous load/bending moments assessment, weld crack detection.

This research project has set out 4 clear objectives as it wants to investigate in-depth how to use distributed OPT sensing techniques to: 

  • Monitor strain and bending in offshore power cables during installation and operation; 
  • Monitor strain and bending moments of monopiles with high spatial resolution during their lifetime for stress hotspot location and scour depth/soil integrity evaluation;  
  • Detection and Monitoring of electrical faults of an offshore power cable during operation; 
  • Detection and Monitoring of cracks on welds of offshore structures during their lifetime. 

In general, the BOPTIC project has the objective to achieve a reduction of around 30 Mio€ in cable and foundation related costs for a typical wind farm of 350 MW

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