Antwerp, BELGIUM

  • Patricia Kara De Maeijer,
  • Wim Van den bergh,
  • Cedric Vuye

University of Antwerp, Faculty of Applied Engineering, EMIB research group

Is your asphalt/concrete ready to be measured ?

In the project CyPaTs (Cycle Pavement Technologies) the University of Antwerp is testing new technologies (heat exchanging asphalt layers) to improve the life cycle of asphalt in summery and wintery weather conditions.

Com&Sens was contracted to monitor the long term behaviour of the asphalt layers using fibre optics

This case study results showed that the FBG sensors are a feasible technology to monitor strain progression during asphalt construction. The technology is able to provide strain data during the service life of the asphalt layers. Two approaches to FBGs installation in three asphalt layers are feasible to install FBGs properly on-site.

Two approaches to FBG installation in three asphalt layers (at the bottom of each layer) were tested in the present case study: installation of FBG in prefabricated asphalt specimens in base layer directly on the base and installation of FBG in the previously constructed asphalt layer by implementing fibers without sawing the whole layer in two parts.

Obtained results proved a survival rate of 100% for the FBG sensors.

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