FBG Fiber Optic Sensing technologies adding value to your industry

Civil Engineering

Why wait until failure? We make real-time load monitoring happen!
Our sensors can be embedded or surface-mounted on any concrete or asphalt structure.

Monitoring of new and existing structures (roads, bridges, cables, foundations) is one of the essential tools for modern and efficient digital management of your infrastructure.

Com&Sens technology can become a key asset to recommission your infrastructure.

Shift from periodic visual inspection to predictive maintenance.


Harbour infrastructures

Monitor the structural behavior of water locks, walls, dykes, quays as function of external loadings such as wind, wave currents, tides, erosion, swell or propeller motions effects.

Com&Sens helps you to analyze the real load and its impact on your asset.

Our robust strip sensor technology is seawater resistant and developed to last in harsh environments.


Utility infrastructures

Transforming asset management.

By monitoring load, strain, temperature, vibration of assets such as transmission towers, communications mast and supporting structures or even foundations, their structural integrity can be assessed and tracked on a real-time basis.

Com&Sens develops innovative monitoring sensing technologies to help you to face the risks, costs and performance challenges for managing modern digital utility infrastructure.


Pressure vessels

Com&Sens has extensive experience in embedding fibre optic sensors in composites pressure vessels.

Our technology enables to expand your product design features and improves your design by real data.

Fiber optic sensors permit in-service structural integrity monitoring leading to safety and confidence during the entire pressure vessel life cycle.


Wind Power

We team up with 24Sea for offshore wind turbine foundations monitoring. We developed an innovative robust monitoring technology to directly measure the loads acting on the foundation. This allows to validate new design methodologies and in addition, the sensors can be used to directly have access to the consumed lifetime near critical welds.


Lifting equipment

Shift from periodic visual inspection to performance-driven maintenance by using real-time load monitoring

Enhance safety with early detection of equipment wear or failure and understand the effects of structural damage to the crane’s global behavior.

Assess the stability and integrity of your structure when subjected to operational and external (wind) loadings



Com&Sens provides accurate information of strain and loads of ship structures (hulls, decks, appendages, foils, masts, rigging, bonding interfaces) under real conditions, helping naval architects and engineers to refine their design.

Our robust sensing integration technology enables to detect damage before failure occurs.

Our sensors can be embedded in composites structures or surface-mounted on steel or aluminium which allows structural monitoring of hybrid assemblies.



FBG Fiber Optic Sensors are the answer to the shortcomings of conventional electrical measurement technologies.

Our Fiber Optic Sensors integration solutions permit to assess the health of critical machines or complex parts based on early detection of damage or failure.


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