Monitoring of an All-composite water lock






Monitoring of GFRP fish tanks in the dessert of Dubai:


  • Configuration of sensing lines
  • Mounting of sensors
  • In-service monitoring long term static and fatigue loading effects




Euridice (customised installation procedure, GFRP reinforced FBG sensors, concrete curing)





Euridice (concrete thermal cycling)











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Load sensing plate /  strain mapping (multiple sensors):

 Load sensing and strain monitoring by means of embedded optical fibre sensors is nowadays often performed by looking at the local strains measured by the optical fibre sensors. However, the load sensing plate presented here combines the strain measurements of multiple embedded Fibre Bragg Grating (FBG) sensors distributed in the plate. By using the appropriate algorithms extra information such as the location and magnitude of an applied load can be determined. Such output is much more interesting for application in industry than simple local strain output. A second issue is the outcome of the fibre and robustness of the sensor connection. By using armoured cabling which is directly integrated in the lay-up a very robust design can be made.

An idea is given on how multiplexd sensors can be combined to form a of load sensing plate. This type of concept can in principle be extended to whatever structure on which forces should be measured (e.g. reaction forces, external loadings, bending, tensile loading, or even a combination of …).